Review Programme

We take product reviews very seriously here at Wild Earth Beauty.

A customer reviewing a product is valuable information that can be used by other customers and ourselves to help with the buying process. We all have products collecting dust in the bathroom cabinet that turned out not to be as good as we thought they were going to be.

Reviews are so valuable to us that we like to reward our customers for doing them for us. When you review a purchased product you earn 100 points to use as a 10% discount code*, or keep the points and put towards bigger rewards! 

For example, for 2 reviews you would get 200 points which are worth a 20% discount code* or a free gift!

Valuable information on a review might be your skin or hair type, scent & feel of the product and whether it worked or not for you. We want you to be truthful, another reviewer's purchase feedback might mean you are saved from making a purchase mistake and also might help another customer choose that product.

*Discount codes can only be used on full price products.