• fushi organic jojoba oil 100ml
  • Fushi Organic Jojoba Golden Oil Cold-pressed 100ml
  • Fushi Organic Jojoba Golden Oil Cold-pressed 100ml
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Fushi Organic Jojoba Golden Oil Cold-pressed 100ml


Golden Jojoba oil is a hypoallergenic oil as well as one of the most easily absorbed oils. It is an ideal moisturiser for the skin and can be used on a daily basis to ensure your skin stays smooth and supple. It is also an anti aging oil as it helps prevent wrinkles due to its rich content of vitamin E and antioxidants. It can also be used as a nourishing hair oil and is suitable for all skin types.

Can also be used as a makeup remover and for shaving, the liquid wax makes for an easy shave and protects the skin from razor burn and redness.

Comedogenic Rating: 2.

Skin Type: All. Good for Acne, Oily prone

Contains: 100 % Natural

Organic: 100% Certified by the Soil Association

Handmade: Yes

Made in: USA. UK Company.

Packaging: Glass bottle, PET lid. Both recyclable.


Simmondsia californica,.Golden Jojoba oil cold pressed unrefined organic.

How to use:

Pure Jojoba oil for hair

Massage directly into the scalp and then follow through the hair for a deep condition. Wrap a steamed/warm towel around your head and leave for 20 minutes. For an intensive result, leave overnight. Remove and wash hair.

Pure Jojoba oil for face

Use as an oil cleanser or a skin treatment twice a day or overnight.

Oil Cleansing- Massage a small amount over your face, apply a steamed/hot muslin to your face, pat gently. Repeat if time. Wipe away any residual oil. Especially good for oily acne prone skin.

Use a as make-up remover.

Pure Jojoba for the body.

Apply to body/face before shaving and utilise the oil for a good shave.

For external use only.










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